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Our philosophy in building a website for you is straightforward: To create a platform where visitors can learn about you and your company. This goal will be achieved with an efficient, aesthetically sophisticated and effective website.


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“Cayden Media created a really slick website for me by listening  to what I wanted and adding some great suggestions.  I get a lot of compliments  on the site and have increased my client base. In my line of work I need to keep my portfolio fresh and Cayden Media is extremely diligent in.


–  JT Camp, Art Director


“… the new stuff on the site looks really great. I am really happy with how the concept and design has continued to feel as current and new as the day we first launched. It continues to be a pleasure to work with you…”


– Michael Berg, Director of Photography



“It’s true that there can be no better advertising than word of mouth. Working with Chris Cayden and Cayden Media, LLC has always been great! He is a very talented web developer and has used his talent to built our sites. We would definitely advertise for him!”


– Fernanda Mazzuco, Joy Brazil Coffee, Inc.


“Chris Cayden is a highly motivated professional and a true student of his work.”


– Brian McCarthy, Glamour Photographer

“Thanks Chris! Love the way the sites turned out, fast service, easy to navigate, all around killer job!”

– Jim Bryan, Owner, Angry Dwarf War Gaming


“Chris, it was a pleasure working with you as well. We received quite a few compliments on our newsletter.”

– Caroline Gosselin, The Humpty Dumpty Institute


“I wanted to emphasize how great of a job we think you did, we really appreciate your work and I’m proud of the sites that were put together.”

– Karen Bray, New York Hotel Motel Trades Council





"Chris Cayden and Cayden Media, LLC have been invaluable to me. I am an author and a blogger, and they have not only re-designed my websites in keeping with the integrity of my work, but walked me through a foreign land of technology which now feels comfortable. Chris has increased my readership with the subtleties of networking that were daunting (at first) and have now become  second nature.  Because Chris is a filmmaker by profession, he has a vision of the way things can look through lenses that will appeal to the artist, the business person, and the consumer."


–  Stephanie Gertler

New York Times Best Selling Author and Blogger

"Chris Cayden is very professional, quick, and savvy with new media. He continues to update my site without delay, and is a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Cayden Media, LLC to anyone needing a website. Thanks Chris!”


– Ginny Weirick, Actress


Cayden Media, LLC - Affordable Responsive Web Design and Development

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15+ Years of Affordable Responsive
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