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Our philosophy in building a website for you is straightforward: To create a platform where visitors can learn about you and your company. This goal will be achieved with an efficient, aesthetically sophisticated and effective website.


Founded in 2000 by filmmaker and graphic designer Chris Cayden, Cayden Media, LLC has design clients ranging from small start-up film production companies to large-scale film festivals and everything in between. With our combined experience in graphic design, web and flash development, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and e-commerce development, you can be confident that whatever your project demands, we can deliver.


“I started out building web sites for cinematographers, actors, and fellow filmmakers in 2004 after I graduated from film school in New York and it just took off from there.  Now, I am proud to say I have clients all over the globe and hope to continue growing.  It’s cool to know my design work has been viewed several million times around the world.  I’ve built sites for feature films, well known actors, short films, filmmakers, producers, nationally signed indie bands, and short films.  But the coolest thing about building someone a site is when they tell me they landed a paying gig because of the work we did” – Chris Cayden


Chris Cayden

Our Founder

Chris Cayden is a filmmaker, web designer, and independent producer originally from Pennsylvania with over 15 years of professional experience.  An authority on multimedia design, he has designed numerous web sites for filmmakers, directors, actors, productions companies, and feature films.


Chris studied filmmaking at the New York Film Academy and acting at HB Studios. He spent seven years working with The Manhattan Short Film Festival as the Director of Internet Operations and a contributing writer. The Manhattan Short is the world’s largest short film festival.


He produced his first music video, ‘Better Off Dead‘ for nationally signed independent artists, ‘vs the earth‘, featuring Mindy Hall from ‘VH1’s The Rock of Love’, directed by Mikko Timonen and Erin Judd which aired on all MTV networks and VH1.  Chris has worked for several newspapers, publishing houses, design companies, and marketing firms in New York and Pennsylvania.

Chris Cayden

Founder / Lead Designer



Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to work with some wonderful people from
around the world and from many different industries.  Here is a partial list

Feature/Short Films

• Wolf Moon – directed by Dana Mennie, released by Lionsgate Films

• Lurker – Indie short film directed by Chris Cayden

• Love Roulette – Indie short film directed by Chris Cayden


Filmmakers/Film and Video Production Companies

• Humble Films, Inc.

• Limey Films, Inc.

• Pale Face Pictures

• Section B Films, LLC

• Karen Kramer Films

• CPX Video Productions

• Silent Majority Pictures



• Max Ryan

• Chris Divecchio

• Ginny Weirick

• Michele Ammon


Cinematographers/Directors of Photography

• Paul Daley

• Tim Naylor

• Tristan Sheridan

• Michael Berg

• Kelly Pun
• Saade Mustafa
• Sam Chase

• JT Camp

• Valentina Caniglia
• Roger Sewhcomar
• Dana Mennie



• Philippe Soule Landscape Design

• Alexander Junction

• Little Feet Big Steps NYC Speech Pathology

• Pure Joy Performing Arts

• HMR Welding 
• CORE Design Group
• Hopeful Cleaning

Production Services

• Christies Digital Projectors

• GRS Systems

• Light Brigade Films

• See Factor Industries



• Adam Marino

• vs the Earth

• Geoff Gibbons
• Naildriver
• VTE Entertainment


Commercial Artists

• John Herist
• Kelly Diaz



•  Stephanie Gertler


Marketing/Branding/PR Firm



Film Festivals

• The Manhattan Short



• The National Bible Association

• Williams Catholic Network

• Humpty Dumpty Institute
• Read the Book
• National Day of the Bible

• The Glen Burnie United Methodist Church



• The Bellevue Association

• Doctor On Call NY

• Donna R. Kesselman M.D.

• Joseph Mulvehill M.D.

• Park Avenue Wellness

• Park Avenue Concierge Medicine


• Career


• FreeForum

• Direct Degree

• Lets Franchise

• Venture Direct Worldwide


• The Learning Annex

• Azoogle
• BCA Nurse marketing
• 3 Friends Nurse Marketing

• The Art Institute Online
(A Division of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh)


Restaurants/Hotels/Food Service

• Buzina Pop New York

• Joy Brazil Network

• Brew Brazil Day
• MyCoffeeBranding
• Space 360 Concierge
• 360 Warren
New York Hotel Motel Trades Council



• Confer's Jewelers

• CO2 Boutique
• #IJustGotHope T-Shirts
• Your Essential Spa
• Angry Dwarf War Gaming


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